How it all started...
Our company was birthed out of a tiny kitchen in Orlando, Florida. While wanting to give family and friends gifts for the holidays, but not having the finances to do so, the thought of making cookies seemed like a good idea.
Much to our surprise, there was a great demand for more cookies. We received rave reviews about our cookies, as everyone kept saying, "WOW, THESE COOKIES TASTE GOOD!" (hence the company name,Taste Good Cookies)
As we continued to receive many more compliments regarding our cookies, thoughts of turning this into a business and sharing these cookies with the world began to arise. This was the conceiving of Taste Good Cookies.
Quality & Service
Here at Taste Good Cookies, we only use real ingredients when preparing our cookies - never any artificial flavors or substitutes. We also pay great attention to detail in every single step of the preparation process in order to generate the most consistent and highest quality cookies, as it pertains to appearance, texture, and most importantly taste. 
This also enables us to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every single time and with each and every bite. Not only do we endeavor to provide you, our customer, with the best cookies you've ever had, but it is our utmost desire to provide you with the absolute best quality customer service and professionalism at the highest level. 
This includes all phases of our business, from the precise preparation, to an excellent tasting cookie, to accurate order fulfillment, and prompt delivery service. We understand that it is our product that brings you to us, but it is our service that keeps you coming back. 
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